Tommasi wine: the emotional depth of tradition blended with the multi-sensory pleasure of Amarone

Wine has so many stories to tell. Tommasi Viticoltori’s story is that of a journey through wine craftsmanship and excellence, testimony to a family’s ancient bond with their land in the Valpolicella region, and the wines that have come to represent that land.

Tommasi: le emozioni dell’Amarone

A story that began in 1902 and continues today, with the fourth generation of the family, and the 700 hectares of vineyards they own throughout Italy. A visit to the vineyard is a journey into the world of a great winemaking tradition and its history, discovering the careful craftsmanship that has always set these wines apart.

Tommasi’s Wine Tour is an exciting and fascinating experience from the very first moment. The route winds its way through the property, allowing you to fully grasp the cellar’s production philosophy, centred on passion and a constant search for quality. You’ll visit the large room where grapes are dried on bamboo racks. You’ll then enter the evocative vaults reserved for ageing wines in the heart of the Cantina Storica cellar, where your nose is inebriated by the aroma of must from the ageing gallery and your eyes are enchanted by the Magnifica cask, the largest Amarone cask in the world, holding 333 hectolitres (7325 gallons) of this velvety nectar.

The jewel in the crown of your visit is the final tasting of some classic Valpolicella wines made by Tommasi. This refined tasting experience samples the fruit of the native vines Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Oseleta. These grapes, depending on the production methods, give life to great classic reds such as the intense and fragrant Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG 2015 and the prestigious velvety Ca’ Florian Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Reserva DOCG 2011, both with a characteristic scent of sweet spices and fruit, with particular notes of cherry and morello cherry.

The thread of the Tommasi family’s strong tie to their land of origin weaves its way to Verona, to Caffè Dante Bistrot in the splendid Piazza dei Signori. A restaurant that seduces the most gourmet palates with a menu that includes specialities from the land, with its selection of the highest quality meats, skilfully combining aromas, flavours and colours from all over Italy with traditional local dishes. All accompanied by an assorted wine list that finds the perfect matching glass for each dish, for an extraordinary food experience.

Thanks to Tommasi, wine, long known as the nectar of life, has also become an elixir of beauty. Those who opt for Terme della Valpolicella spa’s Wine Therapy at the Villa Quaranta hotel are given a multi-sensory experience based on the “divine Amarone”. A dive into well-being thanks to the antioxidant properties of red grapes, which, together with modern manual techniques, have a regenerating effect on body and mind. Lulled by a waterbed, the ritual begins with a revitalising and anti-ageing grape seed skin peel, followed by a relaxing bath with grape seed oil and a full body, moisturising massage, culminating in a sensational aromatic Amarone mask, for an unforgettable experience that you’ll wish could last forever.